Decotex Studio

The name DECOTEX today stands for high end exclusive fabrics with quality & innovation.The company is committed to quality & creativity, with an aim to interlace a traditional & modern look. Marking a Foot print of 7500 sq.ft , DECOTEX is one of the largest Project Design Studio cum Furnishing Retail store. A popular Retail store since15 years has evolved into big time Design studio & Wholesale hub of all the leading brands of fabrics & Leather/ite like DDECOR, GM FURNISHINGS, DICITEX FURNISHINGS, & also many imported fabric from Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, etc. DECOTEX not only customizes the retail supply to the consumer but also provides THEME BASED design support & solutions to the ARCHITECT & DESIGNER fraternity. DECOTEX bestows in the supply of each kind of fabrics, soft furnishing product range & project perseverance through sample & mood board support.

Until Now DECOTEX has groomed more than 50,000 homes, 435 offices & 100 hotels (large and small-scale) through intelligent design support & best quality varied range of products. DECOTEX is specialized in Tailor made designer curtains, valances, sheers, pillows, cushions, & other Bed Linen products, designed by a team of professionals and dedicated artists. Find DECOTEX with you on each foot step of the turning phase of your life, carving out unique environments those are as unique , beautiful, lively & Special as YOU. DECOTEX believes in rendering top quality service to all its clients and is continually upgrading on its values & services by adopting fresh & latest technologies & ideas. Concentrating on professionalism and hard work, the aim is to create enduring business relationships and ensuring repeat clientele with one & all be it Retail, Corporate or Hospitality project. We remain at your disposal, ALWAYS…GROOMING YOUR LIVING ENVIRONMENTS…

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